It’s that time of year again. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas isn’t it?

It’s a time to come together with the people we love- or some that we don’t- to celebrate, receive gifts but most importantly- to give.

From time to time we can all forget that there are people a lot less fortunate than us and it’s important that opportunities are shared equally. That’s why our programmes for adults with learning disabilities are so important.

Today we switch our focus to the Big Give Christmas Challenge. We’re very excited about this; not only because it provides an opportunity to further our work but because it enables us to work with those who are most in need of support.

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Why the Big Give?

But why the Big Give? It’s simple: one donation, twice the impact.

Since 2008 the Christmas challenge has helped raise millions for charities to continue their fantastic work.

We run several key community programmes, working with some fantastic organisations to deliver inclusive and engaging opportunities for adults with learning disabilities.

People living with one- or multiple- learning disabilities experience high levels of social isolation. The need for friendships- like anyone- is important, but often their needs remain neglected. This is why we are inspired to deliver inclusive programmes for those who need it the most.

Tramtastic nights are an opportunity for adults with learning disabilities sing and dance the night away- they can be unapologetically themselves.

Through our other programmes we are guided by the needs of our attendees. It’s vital that they feel we are open to listen to their needs. We adapt to individual circumstances and aim to provide the best possible experience.

Evidence shows that providing a space for adults with learning disabilities to feel part of a community has far reaching and sustainable benefits.

The friendships developed can increase happiness and confidence; it can help individuals to feel included and valued. Subsequently combatting levels of loneliness and reducing the risk of mental health issues. As well as mental health, it can also improve physical health.

What your donation will support

Learning Disabled Programmes for Life at Tramshed

Tramshed offer a unique supportive programme for young people and adults with learning disabilities, using drama and music to engage individuals in a life long journey. From SHOUT theatre group for 13-18s and REACH Theatre Company for young adults to weekly drop-in activities and club nights.

ALD Programmes-

  • We run a number of programmes for Adults with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities, providing an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, act, dance, sing and perform. 
  • Dramatic Voices- A weekly musical theatre session for those with additional supportive needs. Join us and sing, dance, act and make friends. 
  • Tramtastic Nights- A monthly club night for adults with additional supportive needs. Come along and dance the night away, make new friends and sing along to your favourite songs!
  • Tramshed Fridays- A social and activities based group for adults with learning disabilities that meet every Friday. This group is delivered in partnership with Oxleas Hospital
  • Reach- A theatre company for young adults aged 18-30 with mild learning disabilities, working towards performance.