Tramshed has been creating Theatre In Education (TIE) programmes for nearly 50 years.

We work in partnership with differing and specialised agencies and partners that help us to focus on the key issues and provide challenging and learning interventions for the young audiences that we play to. We select themes and issues that we feel are relevant and important that need to be presented and explored with young people within an educational context.

These productions are new plays that we commision and develop in partnership with writers, actors and other relevant creative collaborators. Productions usually tour to schools with an accompanying workshop programme.

In the last 15 years, these productions have explored periods of History, Cultural Imperialism, and Identity.  Refugees and new arrivals ( the Voices Programme), Gang culture and youth Violence (The Choices Trilogy) and currently with our 'In Control' Programme, empowering young people to manage their own health.  In 2019/20 we will be developing a new play which exploresissues around mental health and trauma.