Taking Part and Working Safely at Tramshed, July 2021 Stage 4: 

These guidelines have been created to make Covid secure and welcoming spaces for all users and team members during the Covid-19 pandemic. These guidelines are expected to remain in place until 16th August 2021 under regular review.   

Our events and venues are used by many people from a wide cross-section of the community. Some groups are more at risk than others during this time and we ask you to remember that not all vulnerabilities are visible. 


Our Events: 

Now we have moved into Stage 4 we will be increasing the capacity of some of our events whilst still being mindful that we strongly encourage social distancing and acknowledge that some people within our audiences may still feel vulnerable. We do accept walk-ups but we still suggest you book, even for our free events, so we can give you any updates about the venue, times and acts or even any last-minute necessary changes to the programme.    

Instructions to all staff and users will remain in place at present:  
  • Do not attend events or enter the building if you are feeling unwell.
  • If you become unwell please leave our building or events as soon as you can. If your symptoms match Covid-19, these being but not limited to; a continuous cough, loss of smell, a high temperature please get a PCR test. We have lateral flow tests readily available in the building for all team members and freelancers. Contact us by email at [email protected] if you have any questions about this. 
  • Tracking and Tracing – we offer the NHS Test and Trace and Contact Tracing  QR code to scan. You will also be able to sign in with your name, a contact number and/or email address at Box Office. A register may also be taken by a group lead. 
  • Social distancing of 2 meters is in place or 1 meter+ where other measures are in place. 
  • A one-way system remains in place. At Tramshed venue we use the front staircase for up, back staircase for down with corridor for exiting through the theatre – please follow the signs. At other sites team members will signpost audiences safely. 
  • Tutors and group leaders, including hirers, are leading on implementing guidelines that have been set by Tramshed. We ask that all users please respect the position of tutors, group leaders, and hirers as they work to keep those they are working with safe. 
  • Ventilation - The team will make sure there is as much fresh air as possible across our 4 floors at Tramshed venue.  
  • The Lift - One person at a time in the lift (except for users with a carer), please only use the lift if absolutely necessary. 
  • Hygiene - Please wash your hands well and regularly. There are also hand sanitiser dispensers on all floors at entrances and exits. All staff and visitors are asked to make use of them.  
  • Face coverings – we still request you wear a face covering before entering any indoor venue and keep it on whilst moving about the space unless you are exempt or there is a reasonable excuse for removing it. Face coverings can be removed once seated, especially behind screens. A visor can be used in addition to but not instead of a mask/cloth that fits comfortably but securely against the side of the face. We will provide face coverings and gloves for all Tramshed staff/tutors/visitors using the building if requested. 
  • Signage – Please note and follow the signs at our sites. If anything is not clear please let team members know in person or via our Programme Administrator, Tom on [email protected] 
  • Increased cleaning – we clean our space before we open and have regular touchpoint cleaning. Please help our staff by cleaning the area you have been using if you can. Materials are available on each floor. 
  • Groups will be given a room maximum capacity set by Tramshed for each space at any one time. This will also be listed on a sign in each room. During this time groups may be asked to use different spaces than they ordinarily do. This is to help us work safely with as many people as possible  
  • Tramshed invites suggestions from all users to help keep the building and our events Covid Secure and welcoming for all. Please contact our Programme Administrator Tom with any questions, ideas or problems on [email protected]  

Last Updated: 20/07/21

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