Javanese Gamelan Workshop @ Tramshed

Javanese Gamelan Workshop @ Tramshed

Sun 4th July 2021 - Sun 4th July 2021

4th July @ Tramshed


4th July, 2021 at 13:30PM

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Among the splendours of the world, the sound of the Indonesian Gamelan is truly one of the most spectacular.

On the islands of Java, Bali and Sumatra this ensemble of instruments can be heard in the royal courts, in urban centres and in the many towns and villages. Metallophone, gongs, drums flutes and stringed instruments are combined to offer an aural experience of tremendous beauty and form.

The traditional music learning process in Indonesia is based on imitation. I love this approach as it requires no previous musical training. The music is absorbed gradually and naturally – through listening participants take in the idiom and the formal structures. The instruments are learnt from the simplest to the most complex in a gradual process that allows a broad understanding of the Gamelan structure.


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Sunday 4th July 2021

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